Rose Knight

Rose has exhibited with success at the Galleries of, Seaview, Cube 37, Artycles &Treasures, Josephines(@ The Briars) Linden, Steps Carlton, Main Street Gallery Rutherglen, Panoply Gallery Sth Yarra and Oakhill galleries as well as numerous Rotary Exhibitions, hotels and Hospitals. Her work hangs in private collections both in Australia and overseas (including LA actor/celebrity Clive Robertson) and BHP Billiton executives.. She is a regular exhibitor at Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza, Ryazanoff Gallery Albert Park and Gallery Oscar Sydney.
Rose (a keen photographer) feels privileged and blessed to be born and raised on  the Mornington Peninsula Victoria, which is a constant source of inspiration to her as ‘the backyard from paradise’ However her subject matter ranges far and wide as she visits and is influenced by the contrasts of this country. Her recent move to Far North Queensland has further ignited her passion for wide open spaces and natural beauty.


“My travelling is a very meditative time, done with much observation, looking, listening, taking me to places where the journey far defeats the destination
Perhaps it is more than chance that many of these places have faced their own environmental challenges in recent times….thus pressing on my consciousness. Endangered places…in need of consideration. These places sing with a  resonating pulse as fleeting images…primal memories…. Such powerful energies bristle within the mind and demand to be recalled as emotion.
It is the artist’s challenge to transfer this energy to an image which creates the language conveying these experiences. A frozen moment, blink of an eye, echo of a voice, beat of a heart and lifting of the spirit….A sense of being at one and in empathy with this place.
My aim and goal is to find a language of my own in which to convey this love of place… and to decipher it’s many moods into my work.


Small blessings, these small pieces  (images mostly less than 40cm) can often be the first response to an impression, swift and immediate little jewels that result in a larger work.


“More and more I find my art reflects my inner self and my response to the land. I am fundamentally a landscape artist, but I will not paint what doesn’t move me within. I will not paint a reflection, but rather a footprint of the energy that emanates from such powerful places and which demand to be acknowledged and remembered in the heart and in the mind. Fleeting glimpses of residual memories and resonating emotions, such as which certain places can bind us with. It is my continual quest as an artist to find the perfect language with which to convey these impressions….and hopefully to broaden the empathy for such majestic locations.” They can present themselves in quite an abstract way...

“As an artist I explore the landscape, deliberately disassembling, rearranging, deleting the clutter and working with what essence remains in the head and the heart….(seeing things that often are seen only with peripheral vision.)” It is the artist’s mission to attempt to convey what is inexpressible in words, allowing the subject to speak. Paintings of such energy charged places wish to relate the response of the energy or mood found there…in subliminal messages and resonating memories (for both the artist and hopefully the viewer)”


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