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Born and raised on the Mornington Peninsula Rose has been painting since 2000.

She began painting under the guidance of Terrence J Hadler at Manyung Gallery

Mt Eliza Victoria and joined that gallery’s stable of artists in 2005


Has exhibited with success at the Galleries of, Seaview, Cube 37, Artycles &Treasures, Josephines (@ The Briars) Linden,  Manyung Gallery Mt Eliza, Ryazanoff Gallery Albert Park and Gallery Oscar Sydney, Steps and Oakhill galleries as well as numerous Rotary Exhibitions, hotels and Hospitals. Her work hangs in private collections both in Australia and overseas (including LA actor/celebrity Clive Robertson) and BHP Billiton executives.

She is a regular exhibitor at Cairns Art Society.

Rose feels privileged and blessed to have been born and raised on  the Mornington Peninsula which is a constant source of inspiration to her as ‘the  backyard from paradise’ However her subject matter ranges far and wide as she visits  and is influenced by the contrasts of this country. Having recently made the monumental journey across the country from south to north, she now resides in Atherton, far north Queensland, finding a whole new world of subjects and inspiration from her tropical home.

Since arrival in FNQ Rose has been a finalist in the prestigious Glover Prize, John Villiers Art Prize, The Doyles Art Prize, The Lethbridge Landscape Prize as well as winner in the Central Highlands Regional Art Awards, Tyto Annual Art Prize, Artists of the North, Mission Arts Annual and has had successful Solo Exhibitions at Tanks Art Centre Cairns, Tableland Regional Gallery and Mission Beach Arts.


  “As an artist I explore the landscape, deliberately disassembling, rearranging, deleting the clutter and working with what essence remains in the head and the heart….(seeing things that often are seen only with peripheral vision.) It is the artist’s mission to attempt to convey what is inexpressible in words, allowing the subject to speak. Paintings of such energy charged places wish to relate the response of the energy or mood found there…in subliminal messages and resonating memories (for both the artist and hopefully the viewer)”


Most admired artists are Arthur Boyd, Fred Williams, John Olsen, Geoff Dyer and Phillip Wolfhagen

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